Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well we finaly made it to Uganda. At one time I thought we would never get here, but now we have been here for an entire month. It certanly does not seem like a month, but when I think about it we have done a lot since we got here. We went to the BIMU Missions Conference, cleaned and set the house in order, went to several churches(such as the bush church of Kyahi, which was quite an experience), and handed out lots of tracks and John and Romans. Visitation is a little different here. Everyone wants what you have. Not to mention the places you go are, to say the least, are "different". Dirt roads, mud huts, and pretty nice people in general. For instance, last Saturday, Robert (a friend of mine)and I were invited to come to a man's work and preach to his co-workers. So, today we went to the aids office where the guy works. I preached to him and his co-workers while Robert interpreted. It was a blast. They asked us to come back next weak to preach again. So, please pray for Robert and I as we start a Tuesday Bible study. Also for the salvation of Ahimbisibwe Chaodivek and Aine Abaine Benon, two men that know they need to be saved, but were not ready today (as far as I know). Next Tuesday at four we will go again, but before that their is a lot to do.

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