Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things have stared getting pretty busy lately. For ministry activities we have services on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. We also are now involved in two Bible study outreaches. One on Tuesday, and one on Friday. Then we have soul-winning and disciple-ship on Saturday. I just started discipling a young man named Peter, and I may be getting another disciple soon. As for personal activities I have been using my ebook, and my guitar. I have learned several new guitar pieces, and hope to soon be reading music. Some evenings I go to Entare school and play basketball. It's fun, though their style of basketball is different. We have also done a bit of farming. They call it a garden, but I think it's too big to be just a garden. Here, the sun shines brighter and the rain falls harder, so we are all a lot tanner than when we left the States. Trenton's neck is a dark a a Mexicans (the mark of a butterfly hunter). Though under his shirt he is still pale as a ghost. Things just keep getting busier and more exciting.